Music meme

Belinda tagged everyone who wanted to do this music meme. I also tag everyone who wants to do this.

The rules:
1. List five of your favorite bands/artists.
2. Choose three songs from each band/artist.
3. If you can find a link to listen to the song at, YouTube, etc. post it!
4. Tag five people.

1. Manic Street Preachers
Spectators of Suicide
Cardiff Afterlife

2. Nirvana
In His Hands
Smells Like Teen Spirit

3. Dia Psalma
Hon får
Alla älskar dig

4. HIM
Join Me In Death
The Funeral of Hearts
Poison Girl

5. Broder Daniel
I’ll Be Gone
When We Were Winning

You should take the time to at least click one link and check out “Whirlwind” by Broder Daniel. This is the song I named my site after! In the late 90′s and early 00′s there was a entire subculture complete with a fashion of it’s own revolving around this band, which I of course was a part of. :P

You should also check out the video to “Poison girl” by HIM. It’s from last years Hultsfred festival. I saw that concert and worked backstage at the stage they’re playing on.

And if you’re not in a hurry watch the rest of the videos aswell! These are after all some of my favourite songs which I really reccomend.

49 thoughts on “Music meme

  1. avatarchristine

    Haha, I just like taking surveys and answering questions.

    The Doors
    -The End
    -When the Music’s Over
    -The Soft Parade

    The Beatles
    -Within You/Without You
    -Blue Jay Way
    -Across the Universe

    Pink Floyd
    -The Great Gig in the Sky

    Led Zeppelin
    -No Quarter
    -Dazed and Confused
    -Dyer Maker

    -Ruled by Secrecy
    -Soldier’s Poem
    -Space Dementia

    Here’s a video to the End by the Doors.

  2. avatarchristine

    Lol, yeah, I’m not used to it either. Most my age like the Jonas Brothers or some other crappy music. And, I love the Doors, they are an amazing band, and I actually listen to the lyrics, instead of just hearing the songs. And I’m just curious, have you heard the Doors before I’ve mentioned them in your blog?

  3. avatarchristine

    I have bands that I would like to listen to more of also, but I don’t have the time to really hear much of. For example, Nirvana. I like them, based upon what I’ve heard so far, but I’ve never really heard very much of their music, which is something I want to get to.

    I’d have to say my favorite Door’s album is Strange Days, although I love all of their albums. What’s your favorite album, from your favorite band?

    Also, I saw your art pieces, and I really like them. I especially like the oil pastel ones.

  4. avatarMihoriel

    I’ve only heard of Nirvana from you list but I had fun looking through the list. I like the song Whirlwind and will have to check out more songs by the artist. I only half tempted to do the meme because I listen to the weirdest stuff.

  5. avatarBre

    Yeah, I think you have to watch The Office more than once to get into it. I was kind of unimpressed when I first watched it, but then after getting to know the characters it makes it a whole lot better. :]

  6. avatarkatie

    You might of noticed that I haven’t been around for 2 weeks,
    But I am back now >.<
    And would love to hear from you!
    I missed you all.
    Love katie,

  7. avatarBiscuit

    wow… a lot of people are getting tagged with this music thing….. so yeah, like the only songs i’m familiar with are the nirvana ones… sigh… i’m so like musically challenged.

  8. avatarTin

    the only song I know from your list is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, I’ve seen it’s music vid on mtv. :)
    I didn’t know you named your website from a song! :D

  9. avatarPim

    Oh darnit I just blogged, else I would’ve posted this! I love meme’s!
    Gaaah those HIM songs are the best though! I do think Ville’s singing live isn’t really that good, I’d rather listen to the CD haha…

  10. avatarsarahc

    I wanna work backstage too! Put me in your pocket next time, hah. I dig HIM as well.. I remember when they first came out, hah. I also love Nirvana :heart:

    How have you been otherwise? Still gloomy due to the weather? I have some of my own things to be gloomy and cranky about ;(

  11. avatarAly

    That’s an interesting meme! I haven’t actually heard of any of those songs besides the last Nirvana one, so I might check out some of the vids for the others soon. :) Also, I was looking at some of your previous posts, and I loved that 51 things in my room/apartment thing you did! I haven’t seen anyone do it as a photoblog before. I might do something like that myself one day….but probably on a smaller scale, since I doubt I could find that many things in my room worth photographing! Lol. Love the site btw. Your layout is very cool, kinda reminds me of those cut-out things you make with the ink (can’t remember what they’re called!). But yeah, it’s lovely. :) Anyway, take care, toodles! :)

  12. avatarNikkole

    OMFG– Thanks so much for the fan sign. I’m adding it immediately. I really need to make myself glamorized and make some fan signs some day. <3 Thanks so much !!! I can’t wait to see the new layout. I’m like 1/3 of the way through reinstalling and downloading everything…
    As for how I keep everything organized? I really don’t. o.0 Usually when creating layouts/graphics… I have to go through EVERY font. I’ll create the words I want on the layout; Click Edit Font; and then page through every single one to see which look good. Same thing with the brushes… I should REALLY figure out a way to organize them though. I think you just gave me another few things to add to my to-do list… Which is SO LONG already. i didn’t realize how busy reformatting your computer keeps you. Especially when you have a laptop that pretty much holds your entire life… Alright, I should get back to it.

  13. avatarDeanna

    The only band that we have in common is HIM. I don’t like doing memes but I will do this one briefly, without the links:

    1.Billy Talent
    -Fallen Leaves
    -Worker Bees
    -Nothing to Lose

    2. Hedley
    -On My Own

    3. Plain White Tees
    -Hey There Dalilah
    -A Lonely September
    -Hate (I really don’t like you)

    4. Jack’s Mannequin
    -La La Lie
    -Kill The Messenger

    5. Gwen Stefani
    -Hollaback Girl
    -Wind it Up

  14. avatarMara

    most of the bands/artists you listed i have never hurd of (then again we probably dont listen to the same genre ofmusic and that may be why). But im open to new stuff & Im loveing it!! thats so cool ugot to work backstage!!


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