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My desk

Maria posted a blog entry with a photo of her desk and I thought it was a fun thing to post so I’m doing the same thing.

The desk is actually a dining table but I don’t really have room for a dining table + four chairs in my apartment so I made it a desk instead. It’s made of black glass and I love, love, love it. The thing under the desk it a foot stool.

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Here’s screenshots of my desktop and my browser. Click the images for larger versions with some info on what you’re seeing. I know the quality of the larger images is crappy but I kept it that way so they would load faster.


Opera web browser:

Objectdock is a program with which you make a menu with shortcuts to frequently used folders and programs. I have shortcuts to stuff like This Computer, Photoshop and Explorer in my menu. I keep it on top of everything else so I can see and use it at all times.

Opera widgets are small programs you add to the Opera web browser. Post It Notes and the Calendar are widgets I run at all times. With Post It Notes I can put Post It’s everywhere on the screen.

Shortcuts is just a menu in Opera with shortcuts to sites I visit frequently.

Cry me a river

I started watching Prozac Nation but the movie made me low so I’m gonna watch something else. I’m very sensitive when it comes to things like that and sad movies really brings me down. Like really, really down. I can feel depressed for hours after watching a sad movie. Things like that just really gets to me. I’m one of those who cries watching Rose telling Jack she’ll never let go, the Terminator sink into the fire and the hobbits saying goodbye to eachother by the grey ship. Heck, even a documentary about the fall of the Berlin wall made me cry! But it was just so beautiful, people fighting for their freedom, in the end winning over dictatorship. Ahhh, my poor heart!

Aaaaanyway, gonna try to choose another movie to watch. A comedy. Oh wait, I’ve got it! The Princess Diaries 2! That movie can’t possibly make me cry! Oh wait, I’ll take that back. I might cry because it’s so bad. Ok, it’s not totally awful but I wouldn’t exactly name it as one of my top 100 movies. At least it’s ok as easy entertainment. Something to watch in the background while cleaning.

Home sweet home of mine

I’ve been living alone for two and a half years now and I still love it. Right now I feel like I could live alone for the rest of my life and be happy about it. Of course I’ve only lived with my family so I don’t know what it’s like to share a home with a boyfriend or a friend. That could perhaps be nice aswell.

I do however know what it’s like to live with your family when you’re an adult since I was twenty-three when I moved out of my parents house. It felt kind of annoying to be grown up and still live with my parents. I had my own life but not my own home. I had a room and that was it.

I love that everything in my home is things I like. No pink curtains, no ceramic bowls with flowers nothing beige, brown or yellow (except for the kitchen cupboards, god how I hate that colour). I decide what to eat and which time to eat, what towels to hang in the bathroom and which toothpaste to buy. I love being able to choose small things like that myself. The kitchen is full of food I like and nobody complains about my six pairs of converse in the hallway. If I want to throw a party I can and if I want to cook in the middle of the night I won’t wake anyone up.

I think getting your own home is a essential part of growing up. At least it was for me. But of course it’s not all sunshine and flowers. There’s also bills, cooking, laundry and grocery shopping. I can think of so many things I’d rather spend my money on instead of my electricity bill and food. In the end, it’s still all worth it. I love my little home.

I’m not for sale

Something I really dislike is Pay Per Post and other paid blogging. When I visit a site I don’t want to read a post full of praise of some product or company written by someone who just praise it because they’re paid to. Some have the decency to at least let you know the post is advertisement but many don’t. Mostly it’s pretty obvious which is which but not always and when I read a blog I don’t want to have to guess what’s advertisement and what’s not. I feel like I’m being lied to when someone recommend something not because they actually like it but because they get money for doing so.

I do read blogs containing PPP but if I spot a paid post I skip reading it. And I know it’s easy money and that a lot of people are in desperate need of cash. I’ll never like the concept anyway. Me if anyone could use some money but I’ll never do paid blogging. I want my readers to be able to trust that what I write is nothing but my honest opinions. I’m not for sale.

I came across this site which offers a couple of cool “Ad-free blog” images which you can use on your site. I immediately put one in my sidebar.

What do you guys think about paid blogging? Do you do it yourself?


Yesterday I ordered some stuff from Lush. This is what I got.

1. Hevenly Bodies Buttercream
2. Yummi Yummi Yummi Shower Cream
3. Tea Tree Water Toner
4. Mud Flats Soap
5. Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
6. Godiva Solid Schampo and Conditioner
7. Tea Tree Toner Tab

Number 1 smells like chocolate and number 2 like strawberries. Number 4 have HAS (Happy now Mohammed?!) mud in it, just like at the spa. Number 3, 5 and 7 are different facial cleaning stuff and number 6 is the most practical shampoo/conditioner ever for traveling.

20:- i minuten

Today I saw a doctor for fifteen minutes. Guess what that costed me? 300 SEK! That’s about 28€. That may not sound like a lot of money and compared to medical bills in other countries (hello USA) it’s probably not much. It is in Sweden though.

I know that I have a maximum of 45 minutes with the doctor so if I stayed for 45 minutes it would be 100 SEK (9€) per fifteen minutes. Which still is a lot. Now I only stayed for fifteen minutes though so my visit costed me 20 SEK (2€) a minute! I wish they had charged me per minute instead. Or even better, that I had talked to the doctor on the phone instead because this visit was pointless. We talked about my medicine, she said we’ll continue with the same dose and gave me new prescriptions and that was that. Well that’s 300 well spent!

Schools out, forever?

When I was younger I saw myself as a really smart person. It’s not like my high school grades are wonderful but that’s because I was so sick of school that I barely even tried in most subjects. However when I did try I did really well. I thought that must mean that I’m a smart person.

Perhaps I am. Perhaps I’m not. I used to feel superior to other people. I used to think that I was better than others because I got better grades than they did, because I read more books, because I was involved in politics. Of course I didn’t feel superior to everyone. Some of my friends back then were definitely smarter than me. But I did think I was better than most people.

I don’t anymore. People my age haven’t just gone to universities. Oh no, they’ve graduated from universities. Of course I’ve learned a lot in the past seven years since my high school graduation but I haven’t gone to school, except for that one maths course for six months. People my age study advanced subjects. They write papers and get grades. I don’t.

I’m afraid that if I went back to school I’d do bad. I’m afraid I’d fail and come to realize that I’m not intelligent at all. That all this time I’ve thought I was bright but in reality I’m just average. That would be the most horrible thing ever.

By the way, ten blog posts in twelve days! Damn, I’m getting good at this! :D And during this time I’ve gone from fifty unique visitors a day to seventy. Very nice. :)

The downside of looking young

Something I find funny is the fact that whenever I buy cigarettes at a place where they don’t recognize me I have to show my ID. For those of you who don’t know you have to be eighteen to buy cigarettes in Sweden. I turn twenty-six in three months.

I do realize that I look younger than my age but this is getting rediculous. I definitely don’t look seventeen. That’s being off by almost nine years! I’m not offended because looking young is good. Or at least it will be in ten years or so. Right now though even if I’m not offended I do find it a bit annoying.

Another thing I find annoying is when at work at the second hand store customers tend to turn to my older colleagues instead of me if they have questions. They assume that because I’m the youngest I have to be the least experienced when in reality I’ve been there the longest. Yesterday something quite annoying – or funny – dependig on how you look at it happened. A woman asked me if we had any bunk beds. I told her that unfortunately we don’t. Five minutes later she asks a colleague of mine the exact same question. My colleague also tells her that unfortunately we don’t. Apparantly because I’m young it’s best not to trust my word and just in case ask someone older who must know the store better than I do. This really bugs me. It’s not my colleagues fault at all. They don’t treat me any different because I’m younger than they are. Only some customers do. And it really, really bugs me.