Now I’m going to be extremely girlie and ask you what kind of make-up you use? If you use any that is.

I basically have three looks.

1. Mascara and silver glitter either on my eyelids or under my eyes.

2. Mascara, black eye liner drawn into wings (Cleopatra style but not as heavy) and silver glitter under my eyes.

3. Mascara, silver eye shadow and silver glitter under my eyes.

Some days when I feel worse than usual about my complexion I use mineral make-up but I’m not really fond of anything covering my entire face. I used to use foundation and powder in high school but since such products tend to clog the pores I completely stopped using it when I was around eighteen. That’s why I don’t feel the need to wear mineral make-up every day. I bought it this summer which means that I went without any such products for about eight years. I got used to my skin the way it is and kind of accepted my flaws.

Something I definitely couldn’t go without is mascara. You see I have long, thick, curled beautiful eyelashes which makes my eyes my very best feature. There’s one problem though. I’m a natural redhead which means I’m very pale and have blonde eyelashes and brows which makes them practically invisible. Not pretty! I dye my eyebrows dark brown and use black mascara on my eyelashes. I could dye my lashes but I don’t see the use since I already use black mascara every day.

And speaking of something entirely different. I hate Twitter advertising! Several of the people I follow on Twitter have succumbed to this evil. If I hear another tweet starting with “Don’t let the dentist fool you…” I might just shoot myself. As if pay per post disguised as genuine opinions isn’t bad enough.

If you just like me isn’t for sale you should visit and get one of these:

adfree blog

I wish there was a badge like this for Twitter as well. Perhaps I should create one. Hm…

8 thoughts on “Make-up

  1. avatartiff k

    haha im guilty of that! XD im thinking of removing the ad on twitter since I don’t think it’ll help me at all. But am not gonna let go of my paid posts because Imma earn 500$ there after this year! :D hehe hope to get 1000$ soon! :D ehhee It’s the only way for me to earn :( Hard to get part time jobs here :(

    I don’t wear makeup at all, well for daily. Maybe an occasional lip balm or face powder but that’s it. I only use makeup for formal occasions, debuts and proms XD haha and contests too. I’m used to makeup actually because mum wanted to doll me up whenever I had a singing contest or declamation contest or what. haha

  2. avatarJessica

    I never go anywhere without putting black eyeliner on unless I simply don’t care. I feel like the eyeliner lets my eyes pop out more. I’m pretty happy with my complexion, the Native American in me means that I’m pretty much dark all year round and it’s pretty even.

    As for ads, I have ads at the moment because I’m piggy-backing off of a friend’s domain and she asked me to put it up to help her cover costs.

  3. avatarGel

    I’m not into makeup, and yes even though i’m already 21 for some reason I don’t feel the need to wear makeup? Heh. As for ads, yeah the twitter ads kinda tick me off but when it comes to sponsored posts in blogs, I really don’t mind coz some people need the money so it’s all good :)

  4. avatarkitty

    I ove make up :) I use mosturizing cream with foundation over it with loose powder over it.. then I put some creamy body sade eyeshadow to make eyeshadow last longer and look more vibrant. Some white eyeshadow in te corners of my eyes close to the nose to make my eyes more distant one from another. Then I put eyeshadow (usually two to three shade of a color.. usually it is in shades of gray/black or hot pink/red) the eyeliner on top lid and black eyeshadow on te bottom (lsts longer than eye pencil) mascara and blush. too much eh? ;(

  5. avatarmaria

    honestly i thnk it looks kick ass awesome with pale people (redheads or whatnot) with pale eyelashes, it’s very not common and therefor very exotic:)
    I do mineral make up everyday because otherwise my skin gets oily at after a few hours without make up so I need that
    and I wear blush also with some very discreet eyeshadow, mascara ususally but i go without sometimes for more natural look.
    i wear the eyeliner when i feel special:)


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