Pink hair

I miss my pink hair. And I kinda miss the bangs I sported back then as well. I just looked a lot more interesting five years ago. I can’t dye my hair a weird colour now. I have really long hair which took me four years to grow out after I ruined it with too much bleach. And since pre-bleach is a must before dying my hair bright colours, that’s just not going to happen. I love my long hair which contrary to so many other people with long hair these days is real. I see many people with fantastic hair. Only it isn’t really fantastic because it’s fake. They all use “Rapunzel of Sweden” extensions. I’m the real Rapunzel. The only extensions I use are thin brightly coloured clip-ins but I don’t think that’s the same thing. I add some streaks of colour, not fifty centimetres of length.

me with pink hair

black hair with white streak

What do your hair look like? Have you ever used extensions?

10 thoughts on “Pink hair

  1. avatarDeanna

    I have never used extensions. I have also never colored my hair. I never do anything to my hair actually haha. No one ever taught me to do anything and I like my hair when it’s just natural. Your hair always looks nice.

  2. avatarMallory

    First off, OMFG, I love the way your site looks at the moment! I never thought slate grey could look so gothic, it’s beautiful. I like every bit of it, the images, this comment form I’m filling up right now, the header … L♥VE.

    And actually, I think both of your looks are very interesting! Pink hair is more shocking and wild, but black hair is so mysterious and glamorous. It’s funny, though, how you actually look younger in the newer photo … Strange! I think it might be the eyebrow changes.

  3. avatarNikkole

    …I am glad I did all those blog entries. It was weird/nice reading all of my past. Ever since I started taking all these meds for my bipolar, I have lost a lot of memory. So reading all those bought back tons of memories that I had forgotten. I definitely don’t mind taking on big challenges when it comes to my site. I want everything to be perfect (in my eyes) Its my pride and joy – my keyhole to my soul.

    As for your hair… I agree with previous poster, you look much younger in the newer photo compared to the other one. I heard it such high maintenance to do colors like that to your hair because they don’t stay very long. I like both looks on you… but if I had to choose I’d pick your newer version of yourself to be the better one.

  4. avatar[lisabjernhagen]

    Oh, båda är ju skitsnyggt! Luggen på första är verkligen skitsnygg.

    sv: Jo, jag antar att det är så… Med tanke på att alla skriver det. Någon skrev dock att det är helt omöjligt att gå upp 1-2 kg muskelmassa på en månad och att jag helt enkelt tränar och äter fel, men vet inte om den personen har så stor koll heller.

    Men det är nog ett tips att kanske rent utav skippa vågen och bara mäta! Blir väl inte riktigt rättvist när jag inte mätt nu när jag blivit mindre så snabbt i början, men som guide till det jag kommer minska nu i alla fall. Frustrerande är det ju i alla fall!


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