Real vampires

Did you know there are people who claim they are vampires? For real. Not goths who wants to look like vampires (I do) but people who actually claim they are real vampires.

Of course a “real vampire” today is not what we’ve historically associated with vampires. For example there’s apparently two kinds of “real vampires”. The one which drinks blood and the one which mentally sucks energy from people. None of the kinds were born with fangs, of course. None had any aversion to sunlight either. Well not until they came to the “realization” they were vampires. That generally happened after they read The Vampire Chronicles. Seriously, ask anyone of them if they realized they were a vampire before or after they read Anne Rice. I bet you 99 out of 100 would say after. Because who would like to be a vampire unless for the romanticism and sexiness of contemporary vampire literature and movies?

Now I of course don’t believe most of them are delusional enough as to actually believe they are vampires. Rather they claim to be to appear all dark and sexy, like a real life Lestat. Personally I find the phenomenon hilarious. If you want to ROFL google Don Henrie. He’s the most famous of all the wannabe vampires. Sad thing is he’s close to forty. One would think that telling people you’re a vampire is something even the most misunderstood teens grows out of when they reach eighteen, but apparently not.

12 thoughts on “Real vampires

  1. avatarkitty

    Only heard about those on TV shows, haven’t met them for real although I am involved in the local goth and bdsm scene.. So I bet there are some ‘closet’ vampire here… It is kind of funny\weird that they’d think they are vampires, buton the other hand, if they are enjoying themselves and harming no one, so why not :)

  2. avatarBlaze

    I seriously have never heard of people thinking that they’re vampires, but I will definitely have to google that dude’s name, I could use a good giggle after listening to my wretched neighbor yelling at her (grown and very shy -_-) kids all morning! Haha

    I also agree with Kitty though, as long as they’re not harming anyone else, then go for it, I suppose. More power to them, right? It’s a little odd, but that’s mostly how the human race IS, odd but interesting (to say the least) :P

    Loving your new layout, by the way, girl. It’s charming, and I love the colors!

  3. avatarEveliners

    Hejsan Angelica! :)
    I alla fall, jag hade tänkt och fråga ifall du vill se ett videoklipp som jag och min kompis har gjort på YouTube? Vi garanterar ett litet leende på dina läppar och hoppas att du kommer tycka om det, om du nu vill kolla vill säga! :) Videon är en tävling mellan mig och min kompis, så om du har ett konto så får du gärna kommentera vem du tycker vann tävlingen.

    Här är länken till videon, dela gärna vidare:

  4. avatarKarin

    Jag såg ett program om “riktiga vampyrer” på tv för nåt år sen, det var ganska absurt. Det är väl en sak att vara gothare och klä sig i den stilen, men gå runt och låtsas att man är vampyr när man är 40 år gammal? Lol indeed :P

    Såg inläggen om din katt, så bra att hon verkar må bättre :) Hoppas hon blir helt frisk snart!

  5. avatarWyther Wyskers

    I have actually been aware of the whole “vampire” subculture since I was about twelve or thirteen. I wrote a report back then on real life vampires and people who think they are vampires. I actually find it rather interesting.

  6. avatarKelly Scarlet Rakoczy

    The Vampi(y)re Community (VC)/Online Vampi(y)re Community (OVC) is quite real. Albeit a subculture, we are numerous. Many of us belong to vampyre Houses, Covens, or Courts.

    Many of us are in our 50′s and up though we look younger. We have been around longer than Anne Rice books and the like.

    There are several tomes revealing the truth regarding the real community. One I would recommend is Joseph Laycock’s Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism:

    As far as issues such as sunlight, some are sensitive to the sun while others are not. This could be PME but not necessarily. Many are nocturnal. As far as blood-drinking (I am a sanguinarian), we endeavor to find donors. The same goes for the psi vampire.

    If you desire to explore further, google “real vampire forums.”

    If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me on Facebook under the aforementioned name.

    Kind regards.

    1. avataradmin Post author

      Longer than Anne Rice perhaps but not longer than other contemporary vampire literature. And I do think most “real” vampires did read Anne Rice before their realization they are “vampires”. Also many of the real vampires appears to be goths or similar which to me is a clear sign of the real vampire community being more about image than reality.

      I have read about this and I do think it’s a bunch of people trying to be something they’re not. If you think you’re a supernatural being, even though you’re in your fifties, fine by me. Just as I look upon religious people and people believing in tarot cards, ghosts and healing, you can do whatever you want. Just don’t ask me to believe it’s real because I don’t.

      Kind regards to you too

  7. avatarFather JP Vanir

    I do not read fiction for one and fangs as well as the sunlight killing Vampires myth was invented by Hollywood and fiction thanks to Nosferatu but fangs are not in the mythology of Vampires though I have met a few with a nice set of real nice fags regardless. I myself am a Vampirologist as well as Theologian (mostly of ancient religions) and do not have time for fiction; I found out what I was through research (including claiming my lifestyles and music scenes). I am OCD, extremely thorough, and all about research first. I will admit to being a long member of the Goth scene BUT the majority of the Vampyre scene is not at all into the goth scene and do not want to be confused with the genres that have nothing to do with them such as Goth, Satanism, the Occult, or BDSM. I may be a very Spiritual person but most of them are not Goth or Religious or Spiritual…

    1. avataradmin Post author

      But you believe in the rest of the vampire myth? In folklore? I have never read about any proof of vampires being real. But I guess people believe in what they want to believe in. Good luck with that. I think you’re delusional but keep up what you’re doing if that’s what makes you happy.

      And you say you being goth has nothing to do with you also being a vampire. You know I find that very hard to believe.


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