I want it!

I want a new electric water boiler. I want something pink and retro much like this one. However this particular brand and model is expensive. There’s just no way I spend 650 SEK (€73, $95) on a water boiler, no matter how pretty it is. Anyone know where to buy something like this for a reasonable price?

pink plint electric water boiler

5 thoughts on “I want it!

  1. avatartiff k

    THAT. IS. SO. CUTE!!! hahaa XD It is expensive though O_O aww mann :( Cute things are expensive darnnit!

    I just recently bought new kitchen stuffs too since I’ve been cooking a lot now. Will post about it after my movie review post :D

  2. avatarEmma

    Super fin blogg du har tjejen! Kika gärna in hos mig med och släng gärna in en kommentar om du har lust med det. Följa varandra via bloglovin?

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