My Christmas 2012

I celebrated Christmas at my parents house with my siblings, my sisters boyfriends and my nephew.

I began the day with Christmas breakfast at home.
christmas breakfast

I arrived at my parents house in time for the traditional TV-program “From all of us to all of you”. This has aired on Christmas eve in Sweden since 1960 and is watched by about half of the Swedish population every year.
from all of us to all of you

From left to right: Fredrik boyfriend of my sister Nathalie, poor Nathalie who was sick, my brother André, mum, my sister Danielle and

Traditional Swedish Christmas cuisine. Among other things Christmas ham (our version of turkey), beetroot salad, potato salad, mimosa salad, different kinds of pickled herring, gravlax (raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill) and a lot more.
traditional Swedish Christmas cuisine

The Christmas tree with the presents underneath.
the christmas tree with the presents underneath

My Christmas presents. I’ll show you what was inside them another day.
my christmas presents

From the left: dad, mum, my sister Danielle, my brother André, Fredik boyfriend of Nathalie. In the front: My sister Nathalie, Björn boyfriend of Danielle and their son William.
the whole family minus me

7 thoughts on “My Christmas 2012

  1. avatar▲ J0Z

    sv: Tack för din kommentar, även om du inte vet vad det kan va som är problemet så har du rätt i att djur också är individer och olika. Hon är nog bara blyg av sig! ja oroar mig för mkt antar ja xD

  2. avatarBelinda

    I hope you had a wonderful xmas. I hope your poor sister didnt have a sucky christmas. Must be horrible to be sick on such a holiday. Its summer here for Christmas so everyone is pretty chirpy.

    I remember that cartoon. I swear I use to have it on VHS back in the day, haha!


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