Of colur themes in web design

The oldest site layout I have saved on my computer is from 2002. Looking through my old layouts it’s obvious I favour some colours over others. For the past four years I’ve only used monochrome, pink and blue in all of my site layouts. Before that I was a bit more varied. Here are the number of times I’ve used different colour themes for my site since 2002. Even the slightest bit of a colour here counts as the layout being of that colour theme since most of my layouts are monochrome with just a splash of colour as accent.

Monochrome: 14
Blue: 14
Pink: 9
Red: 7
Green: 6
Yellow: 4
Purple: 2

Looking at my old layouts I feel that everything I made before 2011 sucked. Everything made before 2009 sucked big time. The layouts pre 2005 are pure embarrassment. I’m actually thinking about taking down the entire Whirlwind Archive where I display my old layouts because I’m ashamed to be associated with the fugliness of my early web design. Have a look at it yourself. Would you want to be associated with some of those things? And I’m not saying that to get pity compliments. It’s not strange that stuff I did ten years ago seems horribly outdated and ugly now. As with everything web design improves with time and has trends which comes and goes.

3 thoughts on “Of colur themes in web design

  1. avatarDeanna

    Don’t take down your past layouts! I think it’s nice being able to look back and see where you have come from. I had a lot of layouts in the style of your early blog too. That’s just how they looked back then. I think I must have started following you in 2008 because I remember the “Black Hearts” layout. I like the colors of this cupcake layout. Pastel colors are my favorite.

  2. avatarLilly

    I noticed your new layout! It’s really nice. I love the colours; it has a very vintage feel :D

    My layouts tend to be more monochrome; I wish they weren’t but that’s just more my style.

    So many of your layouts are awesome! The older ones definitely have a different style but it shows development; nothing to be ashamed of :p You should see some stuff I did back in 2005/2006, when I started. All of my layouts were made with Microsoft Paint xD

    It’s good to know that a longer stud will work hopefully! When my lip swelled, it took up the entire bar, so hopefully a longer stud or a bigger ring will do the trick. :)

  3. avatarMaria

    I seriously wish I had saved all of my old layouts from all of my old websites, seriously… I’ve had dozens upon dozens and I think it’d be nice to be able to look back and see how much I’ve grown/changed.

    So sure, while I understand that you may find the older layouts “embarrassing” in comparison to what you can do now, I’d still leave them up just so you can look back, and to offer your visitors a glance at your progression throughout the years too. :)


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