I recently watched a documentary called Sexy Baby which explored the effects the porn industry has on young girls and women. One of the people they followed in the documentary was a twelve year old. This twelve year old and her friend took sexy photos of themselves which they posted online. I was like what the FUCK?! When I was that age the concept of looking sexy didn’t even exist to me. Pretty yes, with pretty hair and clothes I liked, but not sexy.

The first time I took a photo in which I deliberately tried to strike a sexy pose I was eighteen years old. Years before that I loved dressing up in nice outfits and taking photos of myself but I only tried to look good on the photos, not sexy. No bedroom eyes, no cleavage exposed just for the sake of it and no weirdly positioned legs and arms or pushed out hips. Even if I’ve since the age of eighteen taken the occasionally sexy picture of myself looking through my photo folders I realize they are rare.

Apparently these days even twelve year olds take sexy photos of themselves though. And what’s worse, post them online. It’s a whole new bizarre world. I’m glad I grew up during a different time.

13 thoughts on “You’re too young to post those photos of yourself online

  1. avatarAngie

    Just ew. I wonder if they know that some creepy gross pedophile can get easy access to their pictures. I don’t know about them, but I wouldn’t want someone using MY pictures for that…

  2. avatarDeanna

    Yeah I agree with you. It’s not a faze I went through until I was probably 18 either. Today’s kids are exposed to so much more than we were I think and it’s making them worse than our generation. I really hope that when I have kids that I can keep them from being stupid like most of the ones that are out there now haha.

  3. avatarAnna

    Wtf indeed. I don’t know why kids nowadays think it’s okay to post sexy photos of themselves. A blood relative of mine and her friend posted sexy photos of themselves and I was both horrified and furious. I talked to said relative and she took down the photos immediately. But this is the internet. You really can’t take down anything permanently, can you? O_o I think kids nowadays need to know more about the online world when it comes to things like that.

  4. avatarManda

    It’s rather scary to think about how many young girls out there are so gung-ho on begin sexy and have sex. My daughter is going to be 16 in April and so far (crosses fingers) she’s not interested in anything but drawing/art, Japanese culture, manga, anime, gaming and music.

  5. avatarVictorianKitty

    I totally agree. Not only the porn industry (and the general over-sexuality of ALL media these days) but Facebook and other online social tools make exposure so easy. Young kids are seeing more adult content than ever, AND it’s simple for them to upload their own inappropriate photos for the world to see. It’s heartbreaking. I’m SO glad I am not raising a child in today’s world.

  6. avatarGretch

    This is just sad. I’m really glad social networking isn’t around yet when I was 12. The only time I use the computer then is to play ‘Paint’. And I was always monitored by a grown up. I know at this age, it’s almost impossible to control ‘information’ but the adults around them should have known been more careful.

    Seeing kids with iphones and ipads is somewhat disconcerting for me. When I was their age I was still a snotty little brat playing house.

    By the way, your website is so cute ~

  7. avatarCandy Dollheart

    Himla märkligt det där. Skönt att man inte är förälder:/
    Kommentarsvar: Jag är illustratör då och då och efter att jag illustrerat hennes bok frågade hon om jag kunde göra hennes tatuering också:)

  8. avatarCandy Dollheart

    Oj här kommer jag med kommentarsvar IGEN..
    : Ja det är möjligt, det är svårt att veta. Känns som att samhället behöver liksom… skakas om? För att det skulle vara en fungerande lag och inte bara ett led i förtryck… Men i en utopi så! Damn vad jag vill ha min utopiiiiii nu!

  9. avatarMaria

    Isn’t it creepy how posting provocative pictures with an abundance of make-up, revealing clothes and suggestive eye-contact with the camera has become the norm these days?

    I am right with you in saying that I am super glad I grew up in a different time. At the same time I’m worried that my future children will grow up in a world where sex is even less of a taboo, and even further implemented into daily life. I daresay that it’s everything to do with the media, beauty ideal (programs like America’s Next Top Model, for instance, which promote barely-clad hollowed-out models with bedroom eyes to the youngest of teenagers who think that that is what the entire world considers beautiful.), and it’s positively terrifying.

    The media has fostered this kind of society, and has made it all too easy for predators of ANY kind to find their preys without too much of a hassle because they are all over the place.

  10. avatarkitty

    I saw some tv shows about that subject, they make me feel that if I ever have a kid I would never let them anywhere near the internet, although it is pretty impossible :\

  11. avatarRia

    If pigs started flying and I decided I wanted kids, I’d be so on top of their internet presence it’d be ridiculous. You can’t really stop them from having one these days but I’d be there to educate them on the way things should be done and would hope they can understand that they should enjoy being a kid. Don’t rush to grow up to quickly. There’s time for that and when you’re an adult you’ll be wishing you could go back.


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