Back on track healthy girl

I’m trying to get back to being healthy since I’ve let myself slip horrendously since last summer. I’m back to walking/jogging/running 5 kilometres on the treadmill every day and I’m avoiding eating things like pictured in the photo below too often. I’m not forbidden to eat ice cream, or anything else for that matter, I’ll just not eat it as often from now on. There’s no “forbidden food” for me. I don’t believe in those diets, like LCHF, in which certain things are strictly forbidden. Everything is ok, in the right amount! Even ice cream, alcohol and pizza.

ice cream

2 thoughts on “Back on track healthy girl

  1. avatarDeanna

    I agree with you. You can’t ban something because you’re just going to want it more. You have to just tell yourself that you can’t eat it every day lol. Good luck staying on the healthy track! I have to start trying harder myself. Finding healthy foods that taste good is the hardest part for me.


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