It’s interesting living in the southern Sweden during winter. Not at all like the northern Sweden where I grew up. There came winter and the snow which fell in late October didn’t melt away until spring. It was just too cold and too much snow for it to ever have a chance of melting away until the spring came with plus degrees. Here in the south it snows, then the snow melts away, then it snows again, only for the snow to melt away again, and it continues like that all through winter. Sometimes the snow stays for weeks, other times only for days. Today it snowed again. Let’s see for how long it stays this time.

Me in the snow today, before we went to the grocery store.
me in the snow

I live in the house to the right.
i live in the house to the right

6 thoughts on “And then came the snow, again

  1. avatarCarrie

    I will be honest.. The snow looks so beautiful! However, I hate it. I hate winter. I do not like the cold weather and I hate when the snow turns into black ice.. It’s very dangerous.

  2. avatarKayla

    Ah I’m so jealous. I’ve seen snow twice, once on a family trip a few hours away (and it wasn’t even snowing anymore) and once briefly on my trip to Europe last year in Berlin. I’m so bummed I didn’t get to see Sweden when I’m over there.. next time!

  3. avatarCami

    Here in the midwest of the US it usually just snows and melts but there was this spell for 3 weeks where it was too cold for it to melt or even snow. Now it seems like it’s back to normal. And people here are trying to hold onto the possibility of spring coming to stay.

  4. avatarVief

    I really wanna visit Sweden though, I love snow but I don’t love walking through it in daily life! :P In the Netherlands we almost never had snow when I grew up and it would always melt superfast, never had more than a week. In recent years they do get a lot of snow and it’s funny to me cause the whole country is in chaos…! Now in England we also get a lot more snow than I was used to and I loved it, but I didn’t love when I had to go up and down on hills! But English weather is pretty blah anyway ;P The best snow I ever experienced was in Denmark… I think the snow coming and going is interesting, but I can’t imagine living in it for moooonths! ha.

  5. avatarChristine

    Wow! That photo of you is so pretty! The snow perfectly contrasts with your dark hair! We are currently having a blizzard in the US which has pretty much shut down the state for now. We should be used to it but we still hate it, haha.

  6. avatarDeanna

    That weather sounds like the weather back home in Nova Scotia. It would often snow and then melt. But now that I’m in Alberta, I think the snow has been on the ground since October. I’m ready for it to go away! haha.


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