Of pole dancing and sexism

I just watched a TV-interview with Swedish singer Janet Leon. Aftonbladet (one of the biggest Swedish newspapers) brought her to a pole dance studio to interview her. The poor girl repeatedly told them “no, no, no, I can’t do this” and in the end of course didn’t have to try out pole dancing. That’s good! But what the hell were they thinking even bringing her to that place?

Yes pole dancing has become something people (women) do “for fun” or as exercise and was from the beginning a sport. Yes, that’s true. 1000 years ago a pole was used for various sports, for both men and women. But nowadays it’s mostly connected to striptease and not everyone is comfortable doing something connected to that.

Therefore it’s not ok to bring a singer to try out pole dancing while being interviewed. She has no connection to pole dancing. She was going to give a interview about her career as a singer. Would they have brought a man to a pole dancing studio to have him “do some moves” in connection to a interview about his musical career? Of course they wouldn’t.

Therefore I conclude, Aftonbladet, you suck.

6 thoughts on “Of pole dancing and sexism

  1. avatarKarin

    Skräp. Inte bara just den där situationen utan Aftonbladet i största allmänhet. Jag har helt slutat läsa den tidningen för jag får såna skvallertidnings-vibbar av dem. Bara sensationsjorunalistik och mer eller mindre smaklösa reportage. :P

    Hade dom inte kommit överens om vad/var intervjun skulle vara innan förresten? Verkar ju inte så, vilket låter konstigt.

    1. avataradmin Post author

      Nej, det verkar inte så. Hon verkar jätteöverraskad när hon inser var de befinner sig och sedan upprepar hon gång på gång (vilket de gör en grej av i videon) att hon känner sig obekväm med det hela.

  2. avatarkitty

    TV shows nowadays don’t know what to do to get more rate for their shows so they try to do provocative things, which is annoying.

    btw, about your previous post, glad that you are okay!! :)


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