Go Wendy Davis!

Did you hear about how Wendy Davis did a 13 hour filibuster to block a bill restricting the abortion right in Texas? She spoke, standing up the entire time, for 13 hours to delay the voting so much that it could not be done. I applaud her. Well done!

I think it’s fundamentally wrong to by law try to control women’s bodies. A woman’s right to her own body has to go before the rights of a unborn child. Women who are anti abortion can continue being anti abortion. When they get pregnant they can make the choice to go through with their pregnancies. No one’s forcing them to have abortions so they should not try to force others to go through unwanted pregnancies. Concerning men who are anti abortion, quite frankly I think they need to shut the fuck up. It’s a choice which should never be theirs since the burden of a pregnancy isn’t theirs. They are also free to be against abortion, but trying to turn their opinions into laws is nothing but oppression of women.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Go Wendy Davis!

  1. avatarAngie

    What an awesome lady! Not being able to do anything but stand and talk for 13 hours. And then did you see what the slime bags tried to pull with passing it after the deadline?!

    And now the supreme court ruled legal once again that states can turn down voters because of their race (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/25/court-past-voting-discrimination-no-longer-held/). I don’t think these old, rich, white, conservative men know that THEY are now the minority.

  2. avatarAgent Q

    I know it all too well, as I am a fellow Texan. And thank you for showing your support. In response to your question, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The fact that in the US we essentially have no universal healthcare really makes it difficult for those forced to give birth among other difficulties. You say you’re from Sweden, I see. I’ve heard about how life there is much more generous than it is here. I was always envious of people living in Scandinavia. It’s reassuring to have that kind of security to keep one going. I really want to know more about it. (By the way, I was wondering if we could be affiliates/blog buddies?)

  3. avatarLilly

    I’m very glad that Wendy Davis did this! Abortion should definitely be a choice and it’s fantastic she took her opportunity to have the law rejected. It’s sad that Rick Perry said she should be pro-life because of her experiences but it’s great that somebody’s taking a stand for women’s rights. This sadly isn’t experienced enough here.

    I’ve actually picked up a few books on Swedish/Scandanavian design and I feel it’s quite homey! I love all different types but I like the white, open, rather country look of the design. I wish America had more types of interior design but it tends to focus on modernist.

  4. avatarEla

    It makes me so happy to know that people out there are actively trying to better women’s lives. It’s pro-choice, not pro-abortion. Pro-lifers seem to have escaped that fact.
    The fact that America, touted as a “free” country, is still struggling with abortion, makes me lose hope for my conservative and religious country to ever get to a place where a woman has the complete rights over her body.


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