I don’t know how you look when you’re spending the day alone at home but I myself look like a complete slacker. If I’m spending an entire day at home I don’t wear any make-up, put up my hair in a ponytail (a hairdo I look horrible in) and only wear comfortable clothes. Since I’m wearing my hair in that ponytail and not wearing any make-up and happen to be a bit (a lot) self conscious this is all you get to see of my fabulous appearance. Never thought I’d wear bicycle pants again but they’re quite comfortable wearing at home and thanks to the lace they actually look good worn outside as well, with a skirt or dress. Not quite like the shiny brightly coloured spandex bicycle pants of the 80s.

slacker outfit

Now I’m going to watch the live broadcast from Almedalsveckan (the Almedal week). It’s basically a 8 days long event, taking place in Almedalen (a park in the city of Visby), where politicians gather to speak, debate and be interviewed and regular people can watch that and attend seminars and events. It’s the biggest political event of the year next to an election. Each one of the eight biggest political parties in Sweden (those who were elected into the Riksdag in the latest election), gets a day each during which representatives of that party holds speeches and are interviewed. I think it’s interesting hearing about the politics of all the political parties even though nothing they say will change my mind about what to vote for in the next election. I just enjoy listening to the party I vote for speaking the truth while I analyse the other political parties hidden agendas.

And this turned into a interesting blog entry. Clothes and politics. Well that’s me. Nothing says a person can’t be both shallow and deep.

2 thoughts on “Clothes and politics

  1. avatarCandy Dollheart

    Oh, jag lyssnade på My chemical romance förut idag^^
    Sv: Absolut, samma här! Ja, varför skall man ha vinter och höst liksom? När allt dessutom dras ihop till en och samma sörja med ungefär samma temperatur året om.


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