Tampons for free #9

This months VIP package from Tampons for free contained a whole bunch of stuff.

Mitt val vitamins for women, Sensual Balas for incresed lust for women, SB12 Boost against bad breath and Lactal Balans against vaginal problems. Plus of course the free tampons.

6 thoughts on “Tampons for free #9

  1. avatarChristine

    Wow, that’s a nice package of stuff. Usually when you get free stuff it’s only one or two small sample sizes. But that’s cool! What is lactal balans? Sounds interesting!

  2. avatarAgent Q

    Man I wish we had this kind of package in the US. But nooo, meanwhile in Texas, the legislatures use abortion as the centerpiece argument with which these clinics [that provide other services as well] get shut down. I really don’t mind moving to Sweden, now that I think about it…(>.<)


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