Project summer balcony 2013 part 7

It’s such a great feeling seeing that the seeds I planted in May now have turned into this.
summer balcony

Salad and chilli.
summer balcony

Probably the last roses to bloom this summer.
summer balcony

The geranium (red) probably won’t bloom much more either. The lobelia (blue) however is still looking great.
summer balcony

4 thoughts on “Project summer balcony 2013 part 7

  1. avatarNikkole

    They look beautiful! I don’t have a green thumb myself – everything I touch, plant-wise, dies. I’ve always envied those who were able to have gardens though. I bet it’s very therapeutic to garden. Your flowers and plants turned out wonderful. You have a gift!

  2. avatarRachel-Rebecka

    Your chilis look awesome. I’ve always wanted to start a garden… make my own pickles and preserves and such.

    And roses! I love red roses. I’ve always wanted to grow some. All I’ve been able to nurture are those pink wild roses. They smell great and the bees love them, but it would be nice to have a beautiful trove of red and white roses. <3


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