New layout on the way

I’m working on a new layout. I really love this one but I’m tired of it. It’s been online since January so it’s time for something new. It might take a while for me to finish the new layout since I’m redoing everything. This layout and a couple of ones before it are based on the WordPress Twentyeleven theme and non-responsive. Now I’m making a responsive layout based on the Twentytwelve theme.

If you know nothing about WordPress or web design basically WordPress is the blog tool I use, Twentyeleven was the old standard theme for WP and Twentytwelven is a newer standard theme. Making a layout based on a different theme means I’m making something completely new rather than modifying something old into something new.

Responsive vs non-responsive web design has to do with how a site is viewed in different screen resolutions. Responsive web design works better on small devices like smartphones and tablets. The layout grows or shrinks based on what device you view it with. It’s what all good web designers do these days. I’m a bit behind when it comes to that.

Sooo… this is what I’m up to. I don’t think I’ll blog again until the new layout is done. The site will be periodically unavailable until then. Accessible when I’m not working on it and inaccessible when I’m working on it.

5 thoughts on “New layout on the way

  1. avatarAnna

    Ooohh… I love TwentyTwelve theme of WordPress! Can’t wait to see what you’ll make of it :) Any hints? I really am interested in web design and development and with fellow bloggers like you, the creative process is something I’d love to hear about :) (I’m such a geek. Lol.)

  2. avatarNikkole

    I REALLY need to learn how ot do responsive layouts. I never knew what they were called. Thanks. Now i know what to look up and such. I downloaded a wordpress app that just switches to a different theme when it detects that its on a mobile device… I like your idea better though.

    Can’t wait to see the new theme!

  3. avatarSoph

    I was supposed to code a website theme before work begins again, but work is tomorrow, and I have no theme. :(

    So there we are! haha! That shows how dedicated I am. So be proud of yourself that you’re on top of it, I’m sure the layout will rock. :)

  4. avatarSammy

    Oh man, I can’t wait to see your new theme! I’m super excited, and I know it’s going to be great as always :D Also, thanks for the explanation on responsive vs. non-responsive – advice like that is real helpful :) Good luck with the layout!

  5. avatarElena

    I love this layout! (I haven’t been to your blog before so excuse me if I’m wrong.) I bet the new one will be as wonderfull.

    I haven’t really had the time to set myself down and get into wordpress. Which is why my theme is a simplistic little thing. But yeah, good luck!


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