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Real vampires

Did you know there are people who claim they are vampires? For real. Not goths who wants to look like vampires (I do) but people who actually claim they are real vampires.

Of course a “real vampire” today is not what we’ve historically associated with vampires. For example there’s apparently two kinds of “real vampires”. The one which drinks blood and the one which mentally sucks energy from people. None of the kinds were born with fangs, of course. None had any aversion to sunlight either. Well not until they came to the “realization” they were vampires. That generally happened after they read The Vampire Chronicles. Seriously, ask anyone of them if they realized they were a vampire before or after they read Anne Rice. I bet you 99 out of 100 would say after. Because who would like to be a vampire unless for the romanticism and sexiness of contemporary vampire literature and movies?

Now I of course don’t believe most of them are delusional enough as to actually believe they are vampires. Rather they claim to be to appear all dark and sexy, like a real life Lestat. Personally I find the phenomenon hilarious. If you want to ROFL google Don Henrie. He’s the most famous of all the wannabe vampires. Sad thing is he’s close to forty. One would think that telling people you’re a vampire is something even the most misunderstood teens grows out of when they reach eighteen, but apparently not.